Protect Sketch from being read out?

Hi! I'm currently developing a project containing the Arduino. This will be produced and sold a few times. I am using normal diecimilas for this. I have read that the ATmega support a feature that the programmed Flash memory can not be read out by a programmer. I would like to use this feature to "copy-protect" the sketch. I think this is done by some fuse-bits. So here my question: - In Arduino0010, is the code being written to the Flash protected? - can i protect that code, and how could i do that? - Do i need to reprogram the bootloader using a parallel programmer? - If it is protected, can it still be reprogrammed using the Arduino IDE through USB? Thanks, Bernhard

The Arduino software doesn't protect sketches by default. To do so, you'll need a programmer. I'm not sure if you can continue to change the code once you've protected it. Also, note that even if you don't protect your sketch, all that someone can read from the chip is the compiled version of your code. They can generate a assembly language version of the source code, but probably not a C/C++ one, making it difficult to make changes to it or figure out how it works.