Protecting code.

I have written a sketch for mega 2560 and i would like to protect it from copy . is there any way i can do that? or it is vanurable ?
i am thinking to sell the software of it , there is no way to protect it?


Hmmm. That is sort of against the philosophy of Arduino..

I suppose you could only distribute the binary and give users the step-by-step on how to upload a precompiled image..

You want to search for information on how to set the protection fuses. It will prevent the code from being read back out.

This might be a start:

The danger of protecting code through copyright is that unless you have an army of lawyers, someone else who does will hack it, then copyright it. You won't know about it. If you really want to protect your code, you should post it here. Chances are your code is neither unusual, nor that precious. The upside is, others will communicate flaws in it and it can then be improved.

Copyright doesn't really work for technology. It was never intended to. If you write a song, write a book / play, or do a unique piece of art, then copyright has some use. It's strength is within a culture or local community or small nation.

So if you could post up your code here you are more likely to get interest.

One question though. Why do you wish to "protect" the code?