Protecting NANO

I’m using Nano for Microservo/Potentiometer project. It’s a simple project and everything works fine.

I am using 18 feet 3 chord cable between microservo and nano.
(It’s an ordinary stereo audio cable with mini stereo jacks on both ends)

I’m afraid there is possibility to short +5V and ground if someone tries to disconnect/reconnect servo while power is on.

I will probably redesign it and make bullet proof connections. Still, I’m curious, is there any way to protect my nano from short circuit.



I read an article about The Ruggeduino. It was done like this:

You really need to post the full details, but if your servo supply is provided by a separate regulator of the 7805 style, then the regulator is designed to be immune to short circuits. You need to isolate the Arduino output to the cable with a 220 ohm resistor to protect it against shorts to ground or +5V and on the servo end, you may need a diode from the "signal" line to 5V in case that is connected before the power line.

Audio signal cable isn't going to handle the servo current very well, especially 18 foot
long. Usually you'd site power at the servo - the signal wire isn't demanding on current
and could be routed a long way probably, but servos can take over 1A...

Thank you guys,
@Paul__B yes I was thinking about protecting it on output side.

My servo connection to the jack is following:
Tip = +5 V on Arduino
Ring = feedback to Pin 9
Sleeve = Ground


I will listen to you and replace my cable. I'll keep the jacks and sockets and solder different cords.

I'm using a 9g MicroServo with almost no load on it. I guess it draws a minimal amount of current.

Anyway, I will not use too thin cords because of the length.