Protection circuit with 127V

How can I protect the arduino to work with components at 127V?
I am going to connect two single-phase motors, a power button, an emergency stop button, two sensors and three indicator lights, all at 127V.

Can you sketch up a block diagram of how the parts relate & connect to each other?
AC or DC ?

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What are you going to get the Arduino to do?
Usually relays and opto-couplers if it is basic on/off type interaction.

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I don't have a block but I have photos.
The motors go to the starters, but how do I make the connection to the arduino?

Stop now.

You have mixed wiring colours, PVC cable through an unprotected metal opening.
I’m not looking for more.

Draw up a block diagram, not a schematic yet.
List out the parts you’re planning to use.

Call or hire someone that knows what they’re doing.

What is your electrical engineering experience?

Do you know how the contactor assembly that you have posted works?
Does that assembly control one or two motors?
How do you want to control the motors, independently or together?

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