Proto R3 shield Eagle files have odd wreckage in them

Just downloaded the Eagle files for the Proto shield rev3 from here:

I'm using Eagle 6.5 (Windows) and opening the Proto board shows a few bits of layer 1 (red) hatched lines around the reset switch and the left and right edge of the board that I cannot delete.

Is this just a problem on Eagle 6.5? How can I delete these phantom bits of red? They are on layer 1 so when you hide all the other layers to show only layer 1, they remain. Can't rip or delete them. They don't show any info and can't be group selected.

Any ideas?

Scratch that request.

I'd just been saving changes to the original files (as I had backups in the original zip archive that I downloaded).

If you do a 'Save As' in Eagle 6.5 and save it as a new schematic and board with a different name, the wreckage that was in the original board file gets cleaned up and disappears when you reopen the new files.