Proto Shield Mega R3 problems/errors/not enough pins?

Hello to All,

I just picked up some of the Proto Shield Mega R3 units, and noticed a few problems.

1 unit did not come with the 40x1 straight single line pinhead connector.

You actually need to solder in 50 pins in order to have access to all of the MEGA 2560 R3's available pins. There are 6 header groups consisting of 8 pins each = 40, what about the 10 pin pin group (PWM 8 - SCL) Therefore, it seems that the kit is short 10 pins?

The ICSP header on the proto board only connects reset, gnd and vcc to the appropriate pins that go to the MGA 2560 R3, the MISO, MOSI and SCK pins on the header are not routed to the appropriate pins going to the MEGA 2560 R3 ( checked continuity with ohmmeter).

What to do, as i have already soldered it together?

What to do ...

To program it? Just connect (jumper) the correct pins into your SPI cable, bypassing the ICSP header. Or just run jumpers under the board to the ICSP header. What pins are they connected to, if any?

The MISO, MOSI and SCK pins on the header are not routed at all.

Oh well, just connect them up with jumper wire.

That kind of negates the reason for buying a commercially-made PCB, doesn't it?