Proto Shield v.1a questions

I have some questions regarding the proto Shield v.1a.

What resistors do I have to add for R1 and R2?
Which pins are LED1&2 connected to, or do I have to connect them to my own circuit? LED1 seems to be connected to the ICSP.
What is the function of S1, is it connected to the reset pin?

If the digital pin blocks had the right spacing a normal piece of perfboard coul be used. Too bad it won't fit without bending some pins. I still like it.

I just checked, the LEDs share ground with the ICSP. It seems they aren't connected to any Arduino pins, they need to be hooked up to my own circuitry or can be connected to any pin I like.

you find the info in the "Hardware" page on the website


Thanks massimo. The shield pictured above (v.1a) has a different layout than the one on Tom Igoe's site, and it says R1 and R2 on it while the resistors are called R1 and R7 on the shield on Tom's site. So I was going back and forth between all the different shield and Arduino board schematics, trying to make sense out of this.

Another thing which threw me off a little seems to be an error in the silk screening of the proto shield:

In the picture above the row of holes on the left says GROUND while they are actually connected to 5V, and the row on the right (which is supposedly +5V) is in fact connected to ground.
If you look carefully you can see the trace on the board going from the 5V pin on the bottom, underneath the printed word POWER to the vertical GROUND row on the left.

Me so confused!

Has anyone used the AVR-PG1 with the ICSP port pins?
What is the correct mapping?

i've only used the avr-pg1 with the Olimex avr-p28 board, which is a great cheap $16 substitute for an arduino, though it trades USB support for open breadboard space. you can examine the schematic of that board and compare it to the arduino to deduce the mapping.



Me so confused!

You're not the only one :wink:

I received the same version that you are describing only mine had the labels "+5v" and "ground" removed with a pen or something.

Would be great if got updated for this version of the board. BTW, the image for the breadboard version doesn't show up on that page (arduino_breadboard_shield.png doesn't exist).

BTW, the image for the breadboard version doesn't show up on that page (arduino_breadboard_shield.png doesn't exist)

On this page: , the image does show up.