Proto to PCB fab

My design is ready for the fab house. Not sure how the Gerber files are to be prepared. my board is single layer. What are the sections that i would need to generate the Gerber and send them tot he fab house.

Any help, appreciated.

Regards, George

go to

follow the insructions. you ahve to name each of your layers.

there are on-line gerber viewers so you can make sure you have the name correct.

if you have an outline on all your layers, they will cut your board to fit. I have be mildly successful with the cuts, they seem to be pretty close but in some cases a bit too long and I had to file the board to fit my enclosure.

Once, they sent me a hold notice and needed me to inspect for a bad trace. I had missed one trace and they caught my mistake. no extra charge. it was obvious that run ran to but not into a pad.

Mine is a single sided PCB designed in Eagle. So am not sure what are to be selected when generating the Gerber files.

I use for PCB. They have a job file and a design check file to generate Gerber files according to their naming convention and specifications. has its own job and design check files as well. I don't remember itead having or not having these files.

iteadstudio has .cam to use with Eagle for creating the 13 files they want. Also a .dru to check a design for manufacturability. I have used these with Eagle 6, Eagle 7, currently with Eagle 7.6. May go to Eagle 7.7 soon.

See the 3rd reply here

Thanks guys !

a little searching around helped me get he gerber files generated and for PCB fab i chose Boards are yet to arrive.