Protoboard vs Breadboard (?)

I've been searching around and I still cant find what is the difference between this 2:

Protoboard and Breadboard ? One have energy input and the other no ? Since I only have one arduino board and gonna start put sensors etc, which one I should buy ?


which one I should buy ?

In my opinion they are both crap. Solder everything up then you don't have to worry if the connections are being made.

Protoboard and Breadboard are the same thing. Here is a pretty good how to use them video

Notwithstanding the variation in terminology evident on Wikipedia, the general convention is that "Breadboard" refers to the plastic socket board, and "Protoboard" refers to a PCB whose tracks are laid out to emulate those on a breadboard, including the common "bus" strips on each side.

So both of what you illustrate, are breadboards, one without and one with the "bus" strips, while this is protoboard:

(With a mini-breadboard on the right for comparison. :grinning: )

Oh! Which one should you buy? Both, of course! The big one with bus strips, and a couple of the tiny ones. You can't have just one Arduino either! Silly question! :grinning:

The Nano is the better Arduino for use on a breadboard.

Note also something funny about those large "MB-102" boards - some have the bus lines connected all the way along, some have all four bus lines interrupted in the middle - it is indicated by the continuity of the red and blue lines. It is probably rather unusual that you would not want them running all the way along.

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Which one should you buy? Both, of course!

Buy more than one, certainly. But I would buy compatible ones that can clip together.

These are the ones I like. Don't know where you can get them in other countries.

This one

This one

and this one

You can clip them together in any shape that is convenient for the size & layout of your circuit, put as many bus bars as you need where you need them, and each strip of holes is 6 long (vs 5 on every other breadboard I've seen).

Price could be better, but I've never found them anywhere else.


thanks for the answers, was very helpful!

see you guys around :smiley: