Protocol to communicate with computer

Hi All,

I am using Arduino UNO and communicate with the computer using virtual serial port. Right now I am able to achieve speeds of 256k baud rate using serial communication. But, I would like to communicate with the computer at speeds greater than 1 MHz. Can any one suggest me a protocol (SPI, I2C, serial etc) which enables me to communicate with the computer at higher baud rate than 256k baud.

Thanking in advance. Looking forward for your replies.

Regards, Anil.

Does your computer have an SPI port? Probably not.
Your best bet then is an external SPI UART chip, NXP makes one.
Talk to it at high speeds via SPI, let it sendsTTL serial output to Serial/USB adapter (such as FTDI Breakout board) to the PC.
Read the datasheet, I think(?) it can accept SPI a 2 or 4 MHz.

SC16IS752_SC16IS762.pdf (477 KB)


Thanks for the quick reply. I will look into it and will post here if I have further questions.

Regards, Anil.