Proton Gun Project

Trying to conceptualize before I start buying for the Neutrona wand for my upcoming proton pack. I know I need 13 LED sets, a speaker, 2 buttons, a trimmer, and a 5 position switch. Can a base arduino uno handle all that, and if so, do I need expansion boards? Also, I never saw a speaker on here anywhere, so I'm not sure how that would work to get it to play soundfiles, like the proton thrower sound.

Hi xaviorbat and welcome,

Is this a prop for a Ghostbusters fancy dress costume?

I don’t think any Arduino could do all that without some additional hardware, especially for the sound effects. Also the LED “sets” - how many in each set, what type and to LEDs within a set operate independantly? Having said that, a basic Arduino sounds like it would cover it, given the right extra components.