Protoshield and motorshield

Hi guys,
i've bought a protoshield v.5 ,.
I've done a motorshield on a bread board and now i wuold put it on the protoshield. do you think it's better if i put it on the small breadboard and then connect it to the proto or it's better to solder it directly on the proto? if so can you suggest me what's the best position for soldering the l298n chip on it?
thanx a lot for any help! :smiley:

breadboard vs protoboard: How permanent do you want it?

L298 - that's got 15 pins in straight line? Pick 15 pads where its not going to short adjacent pins, and leave yourself room for a heatsink later.
Leave yourself room for diodes & caps around it, a power connector, and some connectors for motor pins:

First of all, thanks for you answer.
Ok, i'going to solder it :smiley:
Mmm, i thought to put it in the center of the shield where are all that holes coonected 3 to 3 so i could connect other elements to pins without too much effort but i didn't consider the heatsink. It won't fit there xD damn it's hard to find a configuration cause I/O pins are crossed.
Maybe in the space near the buttons...