ProtoShield Short Assistance

I've been working on an arduino protoshield. It has been working fine until I added three resistors from pins 9, 10 and 11 to a multi color LED and then the other leg to GND. Now when I plug in the shield it shorts the Arduino. I pulled out my multimeter (which I'm only just learning to use) and found contuity from GND to 5V when not plugged into the Arduino. I looked hard and can't find any solder bridge between these points as well as accidentally soldering to the wrong pads on the entire thing. Is it possible that two layers of the board came into contact inside the board?

What do I look for in debugging this problem? Would posting pictures help someone see things or does that sound pointless?

I appreciate your help! :!:

If it is of any help, the transistor nearest the barrel plug on the arduino gets warm after being plugged in for a little while. I have it connected to a 9v. I haven't paid attention previously to see if this is normal, but I'm guessing this is just indication that the shield is pulling a lot of power?

Don't know off hand what you did, but post a couple of shots, top and bottom, and maybe we can figure it out

I think it ended up having to do with where the potentiometers were set when I plugged it in. Perhaps it wasn't enough resistance across the three sliders?