Prototype for University study

Good morning everyone I'm a student of the University of Camerino at the "Computational Design" course.
I have to make a prototype of a board that automatically when I attach a sensor to the card in a magnetic way (like the magsafe apple but with 4 pins) automatically recognizes the sensor and starts communication with arduino. The sensor could be an ultrasonic sensor and a classic dc motor.
I have now started using arduino, how I can do? Is there a sketch that I can follow? Could you help me with a code similar one?

thank you very much


My teacher said me to do with "handshake" if it is correct.

Must it be able to recognise that what you attached is a particular sensor, not just some random magnet someone dropped or was pranking the system with?

(Otherwise just reading a reed switch would do... open, no magnet, closed, magnet, so start controlling the sensor.)

There are a number of possibilities in your question.

It can be fairly simple as @blomcrestlight alluded, or it can be quite ‘smart’, which requires some detailed knowledge of the sensor and other devices to be connected.

Because it involves two or more elements working together to provide a result, it’s a ‘system’ and requires you to approach it as such - not just a thing that does something.