prototype ltd edition

Just got my Arduino a few days ago. Didn’t think anything of it until I saw the guys post about missing caps. My arduino is intact, but it does say ‘prototype limited edition’ what does that mean, is there a difference between the production run and proto? I’m sort of p’d off, I paid 35+ for what I thought was a production run release board and got a tester.

what colour is it?


Hey hopefully it’ll be a collectors item eventually. ;D
I got one too.

Its identical to the production ones.

The “prototype limited edition” is a misprint. That’s actually a production board, with a bit of extra silk-print on it.

alright. thats reasurring. it’s blue greenish looks the same as the production arduinos

Hi all - i just got my first one today and I too have ‘prototype limited edition’ on mine. I think it’s neat that it says that - not that it really matters. ::slight_smile:

Here is a picture of it, if anyone is interested in seeing the typo.