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you know what would be a good design an Atmega32u4 on a circuit board not much bigger than the processor it'self with a hole in the top left corner to fit on your keyring smiley-grin some kind of plastic any old house would be used to mount it or soldered on later on if required smiley - it would be good to be able to pop the device off your keyring and stick in the back of someone's computer and then have the program do "spooky" things..

like move your mouse around and type messages from "beyond the grave" you'd need to be quick though, next time April Fool... move the mouse around say you have $1Million Owing, all you do is stick it in someone's pc at work or a laptop and walk off and wait smiley-grin - since you're able to control the mouse click the keyboard, you could have a lot of fun, you could include discrete components, eg a listening device a pizeo speaker on an analog pin.... or some trickery for system commands, think the Leonardo but on a keyring, you're essentially putting as minimal components with a bit of the board that sticks out and acts as the male USB plug, a little push clip to release it from your keyring, when nobodys looking, place it in.... since it acts as a HID, there's (not that i know of....?!?! and where if so? lol) no way of reading from other USB devices, eg, you can't keylog a user, i'd like to be able to press 2 keys on the keyboard and have the device perform an action?... i really hope i'm wrong because i got a great copy and paste tool using a virtual keyboard, but if i can't activate it via some key press to use the function there's little point really is there...

cheap as possible in mass design, with chip, without chip etc, how about some kind of Vote to idea's put forward to actually prototype and sell, i'm not here to make money and if this suggestion turned out popular and you make a little fortune from it , all that i ask is one thing.... Send Me one or 2 smiley Please smiley lol... and if not you, whoever can or is willing? smiley

That's my original post, but I'm thinking someone someone where might do some kind of "best design" entry and the best idea is the one that gets produced something by the arduino community for the arduino community :) -

  1. Someone who's able to do this and willing and work almost next to nothing (eg, he's going to have to take into costs of how many coffees required to do this lol)
  2. The fact the community HAS to want/demand not a "oh yeah I want one, but come 2 weeks later, oh yeah well i found something else" once commited to buying, you're in and held for your share so we all pay a small cost each for something that has great potential...

So 200 of us all pay $10 - $50 whatever it is we want, we can drive down costs buy bulk buying...

So if someone's willing to take on this project, we need some kind of vote, then a minimum amount of people have to be in, eg, minimum 100pcs would cost $4.80 where as only 10 may cost you $12.80 for the board/part(s) so more people in the cheaper it becomes....

Has this been said and done or tried before? wasting my time typing all this out?

So how would you get the drivers for your "HID" loaded onto the PC so that is can interact with the device you have just plugged into the USB port. Perhaps you are suggesting that it should also look like a mas storage device to the PC and run some kind of auto-run software when plugged in. If that is the case why not just do it all in software.

Cheers Pete.

the chip can emulate a keyboard mouse > have a look at the leonardo examples for controlling mouse/kyb

cjdelphi: the chip can emulate a keyboard mouse > have a look at the leonardo examples for controlling mouse/kyb

Ahhh OK i see now, you are pretending to be a keyboard/mouse :)