Prototype shield and ethernet shield stacking

I'm using an Arduino Ethernet shield and a prototype shield wih an Uno.
At the moment, prototype shield is just supplying 7.5V to the Vin connector and using pin 9 for pwm output. All the other pins just connect through.
If I put the ethernet shieild on the arduino and then the prototype shield on top, all works ok but if I swap the ethernet and prototype shield, the ethernet shield doesn't work.

The only difference I can see is that the ICSP connector is not connected when the ethernet shield is on top but I understood that these lines are duplicated on pins 11, 12 and13 which are connected through.

I prefer to put the ethernet sheild on top because of the height of the rj45 connector height.

The Ethernet shield uses the ICSP connector because that allows it to use the same pins on both the UNO and MEGA. Did you think that female connector on the bottom of the shield was for decoration? :slight_smile:

Either put the Ethernet on the bottom or provide a pass-through of the ICSP connector. If you put some male pins in the female ICSP connector of the Ethernet shield do they fit neatly into existing holes of the prototype board? If not, you may want to just cut a hole or notch in your prototype board and use a long-pin female 2x3 header to bridge the gap.