Prototype Shield for Seeeduino

Hi all,

I've had a quick scour around the forums and couldn't find any threads which answer my question. Hopefully this will come in handy for others, or perhaps it's already been answered else where.

Are there any prototype shields specifically for the seeeduino? I have an arduino protoshield which sits perfectly, but lacks the male headers for the two extra analog inputs. Even with the shield in place, theres no room to breakout from the extra outputs so I can only assume that a more suited protoshield would be the best bet?

Has anyone else had any luck with a suitable shield or does it come down to making my own from scratch? I really like the protoshield I currently have :frowning:

Any help suggestions would be most appreciated :slight_smile:

After an evening of searching the interwebs I haven't managed to find a single site that sells seeeduino protoshields. Am I correct in thinking that these do not exist?

Are there any other alternatives? I'm pretty pleased with my seeeduino and would like to be able to use the extra 2 analog inputs with any additional shields I may add.

Can anyone recommend a decent protoshield equivalent that will interface with the seeeduino?

You could try a standard protoshield with stacking headers, which have longer "wire-wrap" style pins. This might give you the extra room to fit connectors for the additional analog pins, as well as ensuring you clear the ICSP header.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for your response.

I'll have a gander for some additional headers. I've already soldered them in but can remove them if needed. Additional space between the seeeduino and shield would indeed make it possible to access the additional pins.

After another search, it seems there is a seeeduino protoshield but it hasn't been released yet (from what I can gather at least).

I suppose this is the best/only approach for the time being so i'll see what I can dig up.

Cheers :slight_smile:

You could make your own without needing fancy drilling as I beleve this board corrects the pin spacing error:-

Thanks for the response grumpy_mike.

It seems like a viable option. Are you sure the new board corrects the spacing errors? I don't fancy having to drill new holes and scratch away the copper :confused:

It seems odd that no one has made a seeeduino specific protoshield :frowning:

Are you sure the new board corrects the spacing errors?

About 98% sure, if my memory serves me well, which it usually does about electronic things. :wink:

Thanks grumpy_mike,

I'll have a peek around and see where I can pick one up :slight_smile:

The extended headers are available from oomlout, Cool Components and SKPang, I think. I’m sure I’ve bought from all of them…

I've already used stackable headers for the arduino protoshield but these don't provide enough room to access the additional two analog inputs.

It seems a custom board is the best way to go other than soldering additional wires from the base of the seeeduino as there is simply not enough room to maneuver once the shield is in place. I don't really fancy soldering things to the seeeduino itself so I can only assume i'll have to build my own shield from scratch rather than using a kit.

Thanks for all your replies, it really is appreciated as I feel rather out of my league atm =P