prototyping with 12awg

Thanks so much for previous input.

Recall I want to drive this SSR from a digital out: Digikey 425-2403-5-ND The datasheet is here [,202S02.pdf]

What are the mechanics of getting current from a 12awg wire to this miniscule 0.8mm pin?

If I had a pcb I would use wire terminals and appropriate -width and -spaced traces. But if I am prototyping, it seems like typical jumpers would not be heavy enough? How does one make this connection in the prototype stage?

I would use something like these terminal strips: But why use 12 ga wire when the SSR is only rated 8 Amps? 18, 16 ga would be plenty, and you only need 24, 26 ga for the 2 signal wires.