We are a group of engineers currently working on the development of a new type of inkjet printer.

For prototyping purposes, we are looking for an evaluation kit, which can answer the system requirements.
Searching the web, have found the following products of HP:

  1. Black 2830 Print Cartridges and Cartridge Driver ASIC.
  2. TIJ 2.X Supplies and Enablers

However, detailed information is not available.
Support is not very responsive :wink:
Did anyone had the chance to work with Cartridges Evaluation Boards and can share his knowledge and experience?

Thanks in Advance.

May I offer some observations ?

first, you have not read the rules of this list, nor the

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How to use this forum - please read.

there you will find this:,148850.0.html

which will explain HOW to post on here.

to review,
you did not follow instructions
did not bother to read the guidelines for this forum
did not post a subject line that pertains to your topic

and you state that you are not getting help from tech support to the sites you posted links.

see a pattern here ?

that is my criticism, please take that as helpful and not being mean.

now as far as this forum goes,
read this link,148850.0.html

skootch down to #6

study that like your future depends on it.

then understand you tossed a subject line up to 50,000 members with the hope that the 5 or 10 who have product knowledge of these particular print heads will stumble upon your generic subject line and then take the time to read your post and in the hopes they did not come to any conclusions as pointed out above, that they will deem your post deserves their time to help you out.

many people here are not favorable in doing the research for others.

be that as it may,

welcome and I hope you do find your answers.

(ps : I do not expect to get any karma for this post ! )

I agree with @dave-in-nj - you are looking for very specific advice with a very generic title.

I'm not even sure that the advice you are seeking has anything to do with Arduino products.