Providing weather data to Openhab and Xively in a common form(xml/http/serial..)

Hi there!

I'm looking for help for that project. I have a weather station with many sensors (wind speed, vane, rain(Sparkfun Weather Meters - SEN-08942), light (TSL2561), temperature, humitidy (DHT22) and Pressure(BMP180) ) and looking to provide that data for different services like, but also for Openhab. Important for me is the Openhab binding(http binding?) because i would control the blinds and awnig in my house based on the weather data. Xively and wunderground is to provide the data for other people and to view the weather data from everywhere. Futhermore it should be possible to sent a simple command from openhab (also http binding?) to the arduino to set a pin high (close or opening awning ;)). So far I have written the code to read all sensor data and now just missing the network code. Please help me :D thx

Ps: maybe also MQTT is an solution?? Arduino -> MQTT broker(raspberry pi) -> Xively(MQTT Bridge) , Openhab(MQTT binding)