Proximity detection with Nrf24l01

Hey everyone. I have embarked on making my own car and one of the things I'm doing is making my own key. Currently, the key is about the size of a BMW smart key and is rechargeable with a USB port and has a sharp memory display. Wireless communication wise, it has an esp8266 WiFi module to update settings, time, date, and weather, an nrf24l01 to communicate with the car, and a passive rfid sticker inside. Currently, the way I have it designed is if the car is unlocked by the key and then the key is put in the cup holder, the rfid tag is read and the car started. What I want to do is make it so that I don't have to remove the key from my pocket. Does anyone have any ideas/suggestions/experience with how to do this with the hardware I listed? My idea was to adjust the power output of the nrf24l01 PA that's in the car and see if the key replies on the lowest power setting but I'm not sure if it will work or not.
Thanks for any and all input!

How is the RFID tag read, by the car or by your key? I’d try to orient the car’s RFID reader towards your pocket, where you keep the key, instead of the cup holder.

Or implant the RFID chip into your hand, so that you can start the car by putting your hand on the cup holder…