Proximity sensor for vehicles


I am working a project where I would like to turn on lights in my house when any of my personnel vehicles pulls up to the house. I already have automated lights in my house which I can drive with my Arduino.

If I lived in the country and had a driveway I would just mount a motion sensor at the end of the driveway and anyone coming up the driveway would trigger the lights on.

Since I live in town and have a couple vehicles that park within 50 feet of my house I would need something that I can mount (and could power) from in the vehicle. When any of my vehicles get close I would like it to trigger the lights.

Option #1 NRF24's mounted in the vehicle and 1 "main" mounted in the house. Anytime he main picks up a vehicle mounted RF it would trigger the lights.

Option #2 Geofence setup on everyone's smartphone. Anytime you enter the geofence an app would send a command to the Arduino whichs is connected via ethernet.

This is all I can think of right now.

Any other ideas?

Hi, use a PIR alarm detector, then your lights will turn on for everybody then, even trespassers.

Placing them strategically you should be able to avoid trigger due to animals.

Just a suggestion…Tom… :slight_smile: