Proximity Sensor Lightbox

I want to create a lightbox that only turns on when you are around 80cm away from it. It will stay on as long as you are in front of it, but as soon as you move further than 80cm away, it turns off. I was considering using this sensor . I’d like to attach this an arduino board that then would interpret feedback from the sensor and toggle the lights accordingly.

Any ideas or suggestions on what arduino boards to use? And general or specific advice? Anyone attempt something like this before (of course you did, please share!)?

It's nothing hard, you can use any board you want for this sensor, all you need is analog input, so I'd suggest you find one with the least power consumption. I have one distance sensor like this, and it is very precise. They give you analog output so you hook it up to A0..X pin (any of them). You can also get around with this: . It is cheaper and still precise enough. You'll have to use library for it though . Hope it helps :)