Proximity sensor through a glass + triggers lighting system

Hi all,

I am new in this forum and after checking previous post, I haven't found an answer to my problem. I have a client who wants to have a proximity sensor on the storefront to detect when a viewer passes near by. When the sensor detects this viewer, it should trigger the lighting system to work and change the lighting scene. So basically what I am looking for is a proximity sensors which work through a glass (the glass is around 12mm thick) and also a controller which sends this trigger signal by GPIO or IP. Would you know a solution like that? Would you please help me with that?

Any help would be very appreciated.

Priximity swiches detect metal at a distance of a few millimeters.
Ultra sonics doesnt't work through glass.

No problem.

Radar sensors.

Just one warning.

Unless you place a reflector plate an inch or two behind it, it will detect both front and back, through glass and most walls.

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