Proximity sensor to Motor


can anybody help me? I'm relatively new to Arduino and i was wandering if anyone could point me in the right direction.

I'm looking to hook up a proximity sensor to a motor, the motor would have to be of a reasonable power so no i would need a driver of sort.

if anybody could clarify what components I would need it would be greatly appreciated.


The choice of the motor depends on what it should achieve - move an car or do what?
With "proximity" sensor do you mean detection of obstacles?

Have you already searched for similar projects, and how others accomplished already what you have in mind?

As DrD has said, gives us some information we can use to help.


Hi Both,

I really appreciate you getting back to me.

I am trying to create a fountain that is activated by Motion/proximity(human). The pump mechanism is actually taken from one of those tacky chocolate fountains that you can buy for about £20 and it works like an Archimedes Screw so needs a motor with reasonable enough power and torque.

Essentially I need to create A proximity switch that powers a single motor. Arduino may not be the answer to this but any advice would be wonderful.

FYI this is an art project that will be pumping paint not water......on a small scale

Thanks Again

You could probably do it just with some components and no micro involved.

This sensor, for example, changes its output pin from high to low when an object is close. You could use that fact to switch a transistor which will turn the motor off and on.

Others will be better than I at helping you spec the transistor and other odds and ends.

But programming an Arduino’s much more fun…