Proximity sensor using TSMP58000 as IR Receiver

A circuit was setup to detect obstacle (proximity sensor) using IR transmitter which uses Arduino to generate 40 kHz Frequency (the frequency was checked using a digital oscilloscope and it displays 40 kHz) and TSMP58000 as IR receiver, but the voltage at the output of the IR receiver when an IR pulse gets detected is seen as 3V instead of a value ~0V .What could be the issue?

Receiver used - (it receives in 20 kHz - 40 kHz range)

The screen shot of the transmitter and receiver circuits are as below where 4 is connected to the arduino pin and IR led is connected to the ground. External Power supply is used to power the IR receiver. Where common ground is used for both.

Proximity sensor .pdf (68.1 KB)

You may have the IR emitter wired backwards. By the way, 100 ohms is too low a value for the current limiting resistor. It's not safe for the Arduino pin. Minimum is about 220 ohms.