Proximity Sensors

I have a question about proximity sensors, I am trying to build a system where multiple proximity sensors will need to acknowledge each other. Fairly decent distance of at least a foot or so between each one. Is this possible?

What is the goal of the project?
Why send ultra sound from one unit and detect by another? Makes no sense to me.

The project involves one object detecting another object when it gets within a certain distance. I thought the use of proximity sensors would work, but was unsure on how to get multiple ones to work together or if it was even possible.

Proximity of what object?

What distance constitutes "proximity"?

From what distance do you want to be able to detect the object?

What is the minimum distance you want to be able to detect your object, even if it is centered right in between two sensors?

Any specific proximity sensor you have in mind?

What does certain distance mean?

I was looking into using the VCNL4010 sensor but it has a maximum of 200 mm distance, I was hoping to find something that could detect around 2 FT at most.

Many different options. VL53L0X and HC-SR04 are two prime candidates for that range.

Thanks for the help, the HC-SR04 looks like it should work. Is there a beginners kit that you can recommend to help me get started with putting this together? I will need to build multiple versions that will use that sensor.

Thanks for the help, the HC-SR04 looks like it should work.

Have you decided on a synchronisation mechanism?

No, honestly I’m still learning a lot about this to start my project build. So I’m not completely sure what synchronization mechanism.

So you only have one sensor ping at a time.

The idea is to have multiple objects detect each other within a certain range (within a 2 ft range) and then have that total output recognized on a main counter

If I build multiple boards with the HC-SR04 sensor, what could I use to see those readings?

Multiple instances of the serial monitor?

Have you figured out a workable synchronisation mechanism?

You may have to modify each of your sensors in that they report the the time they receive the first echo after they have transmitted the "ping". Nothing more, nothing less. They do not report unless they have "pinged".