proximity tracking with bluetooth

Hi guys,

I want to develop a device sending bluetooth signals so that a smartphone can track the proximity to that device. I want to do is via an app that tracks whether the device is more or less than 1m (can be 1.5m) away.

Could you please advice on which Arduino unit should i buy to try this out?

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There is a similar thread here;

You would need a bluetooth transceiver that gave you an indication of signal strength, but it seems signal strength is not a very good indicator of proximity.

thanks for this ardly!

i just bought the Genuino 101. you think this will enable me to do what i want to do? i am new to dev and bluetooth. if you have any recommendation regarding how to learn fast (any tutorial) i am happy to take them.

thanks !


Any Arduino should be suitable. But I don't think you will get any reliable data.

Wireless signal strength can be affected by all sorts of nearby objects that either reflect or absorb signals.

Detecting the proximity of things that can't use GPS or a laser or sonar range-finder is not at all simple.