Proyect n2K

Good guys!!

I love robotics, but not anything: P but I love a lot and I started a project with Arduino called "N2K".

At first it will be a 4x4 with 4 motors to be controlled by a command by Seller PSX PS2. Later you'll incorporating all the things that happen to me and go modifying and perfecting it.

This is what I have so far. [/ img]

It is based on [ Arduino Duemilanove with Atmega328 [/ URL] (In subsequent amendments put the Mega: P) Take four engines powered by a 12v 0.8Ah battery. For motor control I used a Continuous Engine Double H Bridge L298 [/ URL] which in turn feeds the Arduino (5v).

Previously was powered by 6 AA batteries but hardly had strength. Now if you will quickie :slight_smile:

Now what I need is help to control the motors using a PS2 controller via Arduino Seller PSX. I mounted the adapter Wireless command and running the example in the library. According Serial I checked everything works fine except that when you press the X is marked twice and when you press the square only works when you lift with no button pressing. Tell them I've ridden without resistance.

I tried a code I've seen online but it says command not detect Can also be controlled by bluetooth but that part of the code I need. I've lost my mind for several days but for my lack of knowledge prevented me move anything, so I'm here to see if you can lend a hand me because I have really wanted to make this work and from here (The most important thing for me now: P) and it go forward little by little.

I look forward to your help: P

I hope you liked it, but keep in mind, I AM ROOKIE: lol:

Greetings!](http:// "Arduino Duemilanove con Atmega328")

Chicos!! Necesito ayuda!!

Después de varios días llego a mi desesperación por algo "simple" que ya está hecho.

He leído que hay que poner una resistencia de 10K entre VCC (5v) y DATA. La he puesto pero en el serial recibo este mensaje:

Controller refusing to enter Pressures mode, may not support it.
DualShock Controller Found

Esto me pasa con un mando NO de SONY. Si conecto el mando de SONY obtengo otro error:

No controller found, check wiring, see readme.txt to enable debug. visit for troubleshooting tips
Unknown Controller type

La alimentación del receptor Wireless del mando Ps2 lo he alimentado a 3.3v desde el propio arduino.

Seguro que es fácil para vosotros, pero me estoy volviendo loco para que detecte el mando!

Espero vuestra ayuda.