PrXoS 1.00 - Arduino Realtime Operating System

How did it come to this project?

Quite simply, I saw at a friend's display and was from the first moment amazed at how easy it is so make the most amazing things. Unfortunately, there was not a viable Lib at this time the one allows you to easily switch or controller to create and then to use it. So needed something private. That's why I started a small Api to write (In the sketch, not as lib) enabling me to switch and other types of controls to create and manage. I had at that time been no experience with programming a Lib. Api When this was done I started to other parts to Integrate actually are part of an operating system and programmed so that the firmware of my Arduino Midi Sequencer AM808 VX3 (See Here). I was annoyed from the beginning that I can not generate controls at runtime, but they must be declared fixed in the source code. So I decided to occupy myself deeply into the subject Lib, and the result of this "employment" can be found on this page.

Have fun with it.

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Here some videos :Prxos - Arduino Operating System Video 1 - YouTube