PS/2 Keyboard and arduino problem

Hello everyone I'm trying to build a PS/2 Keycatcher with my arduino board, I started downloading the PS2Keyboard standard library and interfacing the keyboard with the board to see if It works. I Uploaded the simple test example sketch and connected the keyboard and everythings seems to be working fine, I can see the output of the keyboard on the serial monitor! But the problem comes when I connect the other PS/2 cable from the computer between the arduino and the keyboard. The keyboard works perfectly on the computer but when I try to see the output on the serial monitor I see strange characters coming out. The first 4 -5 characters are right but then just strange ones come out, and If I reset the arduino I can see again the right first characters and then strange ones. How could I solve this?

It sounds like you are having problems with the clock staying in synch. Do you have a complete schematic you can post. AND obviously your code.

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