PS/2 keyboard protocols.

I am working on a Nano project that uses PS/2 keyboard input using the standard library. It all works fine and reliably with a standard 102 key board. I decided that a compact keyboard would be just the thing and found a perfect example which I bought here :

However, only a few of the keys work. I haven't put the 'scope on it as yet to see if it is sending any data on the duff keys and I wondered if there was likely to be a protocol difference? As an example, the Y works, the R key doesn't which doesn't really say protocol errors to me, but maybe a faulty encoder.

Does it work correctly on a PC?


Hi Paul thanks for the response. I regret to say that i don’t have a PC that accepts PS/2 so can’t check that. If it looks like it may faulty I will have to see if I can find someone who has one, before I return it.