PS/2 keyboard

Hi, I'm using a PS/2 keyboard on my Arduino with the library PS2Keyboard Ext 2 and it's working very well if the KB is plugged whie the Arduino is booting, if not or if I unplug it and then plug it back, I can't receive anything from him. Do you have any idea ?


The being() function just call attachInterrupt(0, irqPin, FALLING); And even if it's connected when it executes begin(), then if I disconnect it and connect it back, it won't work. I tried to detach the interrupt when the KB is disconnected and call begin() again 500ms after it's connected but it doesn't seems to work :/

Ok, I'll make some search and use the trial and error method ;)


ps/2 isnt really meant to be hot plugged, and would need to go through the init sequence, reason why its not working the second time is because that sequence needs to be in a time frame when the KB is first plugged in / powered on

by the time you get back to it, its already done its post and is sitting off in la la land