PS/2 shield

a couple of days ago, I got a key-counter from sparkfun, but since the only true way I could truly use it is to use the icsp header, and reprogram it. I don't have a icsp programer, so I opted for desoldering the ps2 ports. I have made a two-port ps2 shield that just has a ps2 port hooked up w/ clk on digital io pin 2, data on digital io pin 15 (analog 1). The second port's clk is on digital io pin 3, w/ data on digital io pin 14 (analog 0). It does have some problems, such as when using two keyboards, it doesn't read the one on 2 & 15, and the one on 3 & 14 reads some keypresses as keyboard 1 and some as keyboard 2, but that may be a software issue.