PS2 controller/race car trailer liftgate software help

Thanks in advance for the help. I am very familiar with hardware and schooled in electronics but I have ZERO experience in programming, so this has been a bit of a challenge to get off the ground.

Basically, I have a 4 position double-decker race car trailer that includes 2 electric motors (One 240VAC and the backup 12VC unit) that provide hydraulic pressure to 2 vertical rams and 2 tilt rams. The current controls are a simple 12VDC switch-block using toggle and momentary switches that provide a high/ON low/OFF command. There are a total of 8 switch inputs to the trailer controls built in to the trailer.

I am now designing a (Chinese sourced 2.4GHz) Playstation 2 controller/Aruduin UNO device to replace the hardwired switch-block. I think I have the hardware completed. I will include the shematics and Fritzing drawings here if I can. Please feel free to review them and point out any mistakes you find. I’ve been to,, etc and have a basic idea of what I need include in my sketch but I have a few starting questions. ( I will have more but let’s start easy)

Given that I merely want to turn “on” eight transistors using a wireless PS2 controller, do I still need to use all the PS2 pins? Obviously you need 3.3V, Gnd, Data, Command, but do I also need the clock, attention, acknowledge, and vibration wires. I could see it not working w/o clock but the others?
Also is there a must-do/do-not as far as pin assignment? i.e. Data must tie to Dig0 and clock MUST tie to DigX?
Finally for now, as I do the initial setup of my sketch I am having a tough time with pin setups as per the examples in the PSX playground and others.
I would find it easiest to identify each pin using const int LiftUP = 11; and pinMode(LiftUP, OUTPUT) which I assume someone more seasoned might dismiss as the long-way-around or just plain wrong. With my untrained eyes I can’t seem to find the pin assignments/hookup in order to simply get the wiring done right and a foundation to grow from. Please advise me to your thoughts. Justin

PS2 Performax 2.fz (604 KB)

Please note; in the Fritzing diagram and schematic the battery is 9V whereas in reality it is 12V. Shouldn't make a difference for this discussion. :)