Ps2 controller

Hi! I am a newbie to the arduino world and need some advice. I just found my old dualshock 2 controller for my ps2 console. It it the wireless version, but i dont have the receiver card(the one that plugs into the ps2). Therefore its not that simple to connect it to the arduino and get a ps2 controller library. If anyone is familiar with micro bit can they answer me how i can use the microbit as a reciever antenna to send signals from the controller to the arduino(I dont have a reciever for the arduino). Anyhow if the wireless transmitting part doesnt work then i want to only use the joysticks(Picture below). The joystick board is an HTE001 but i couldnt find any schematics on it. If i could desolder those pins below(picture with the white wires) where would they go on the arduino? I have an arduino uno rev3

Thank you!