PS2 Joystick remove "deadzone"


I have a PS2 joystick for my arduino to control the throttle of a drone. But I am having trouble with the sensativity of the joystick. When I move it about 30% of its range in any direction the analogread gets to maximum 1023. I have about 70% of its range left and it is kinda "dead" after the 30%. How can I make it reach all the way to the top?

Thanks beforehand!
Best regards Max

How is it wired, what code are you using to test with, what Arduino are you using?

I am using an arduino Uno. It is wired:

VCC > 5V

Thats it, the code is just analogRead(A0) and the serial.print it.

Are you sure the potentiometers on your joystick do not have a physical dead zone?

I have seen cheap joy pots that have a undeniable and unfixable deadzone, sometimes substantial. They are worthless for real flight control.

Measure the resistance as you move the pot and see.


I measured the resistance and the problem is that the joysticks are probably garbage. Purchased them for about 1.5$ each. I will have to get some new ones :slight_smile:

Do you have any recomendation on a good flight controller joystick?

I googled

R/C joystick

because I wanted to find something like this

which is neither where I buy stuff nor exactly the unit I did purchase, but this is a real joystick that is almost identical.



I use the $10 - $15 PS2 controllers and they provide a good range > 95%
If you buy a port you can test them in a non-destructive manner and return any that are junk.
Got mine on Amazon.

technically deadzone is when you move your joystick and nothing happens until you move it more

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