PS2 error. [SOLVED]

Greetings. I am using the PS2 library with a TFT on my Arduino mega. During one part of my program, I am trying to get the Arduino to recognize a SINGLE keystroke. Specifically, when I type the letter "T" it does something, and when I type the letter "S" it does something, and if I type any other key it does not affect anything and continues on with what it was doing before. Here is a snippet of my code:

    if ( == s) {
//Do situation A
    } else if (c == t) {
//Do situation B
  else {
//Continue with the default (Situation C)

Oh, and also important, way back in the start of my code I have this line of code telling the arduino that "c" is the keystroke.

char c =;

But, when I run my code, I get this error:
's' was not declared in this scope What I assume is that the Arduino thinks that S is like another char, when I want it to literally be S!

What type of variable does return ?

My guess would be a char, so if you want to compare what is returned with a character then you need to do

if ( == 's')

Otherwise the compiler will think that s is a variable rather than a single constant character. Note that 's' and 'S' are not the same thing so you will need to deal with the difference when testing user input.

Gasp it worked! Thanks so much!