PS2 Mouse Simulation with Arduino UNO


I have a Gesture Sensor and want to use its output to simulate a mouse via Arduino. Is that possible with the Arduino UNO?

The Gesture Sensor gives me North, South, West and East Values.

This is how the whole Setup would be like:

Gesture Sensor connected to Arduino (I2C)

Arduino wired up to a ps2 connecor like this.

PS2 Connector connected to the computer via USB - PS2 Converter.

Sensor > Arduino UNO > PS2 Connector > USB - PS2 Converter > Computer

This is the expected behaviour:

I would move my hand in front of the sensor and the mouse arrow on the computer screen would move accordingly. there is no real mouse present in the whole process.

Can someone help me kickstart this idea? I already have the sensor up and running. i am getting the values.

There are a few libraries out there for ps2 simulation but i am not able to figure out which one is the one to be used. Please help me with that.

Thank You.

Zombievirus: Sensor > Arduino UNO > PS2 Connector > USB - PS2 Converter > Computer

Should that read:

Sensor > Arduino UNO > USB Connector > USB - PS2 Converter > Computer"

Have you considered using an Arduino Leonardo, Micro or Due and connecting it directly to a USB port on your computer? See:

When you found multiple PS-2 emulator libraries, any one may or may not fit your needs. Try and find out yourself, then come back with more specific questions.