Ps2 Wireless Controller Help!

I’m trying to control leds with a ps2 controller. I know exactly how, the code, the connections everything. In fact it works great. The problem is i then decided to get a wireless Ps2 controller. However for the wireless controller, the Serial communication is reading buttons i don’t even press. I don’t even touch the controller, and it reads “CIRCLE”, etc... Its a lot of things that it reads. When i press something it also reads that. Anyway, if someone here knows why this is happening, please tell me! I’m not gonna attach the code or schematics, as everything is perfectly connected. The only problem i would see here is that maybe because the controller is not made by Sony. Anyway Thank you!

I got it... After so many hours, the only thing you have to do is add quick delays, to make sure the pogram has enough time to accurately get everything! Works perfectly now!