PS3 controll robot

Hello.I make a robot which driven by PS3 controller through Arduino Uno and Wifi shield.It works perfectly but often the L9 of Arduino wifi shield stuck(not blinking)and the robot go crazy.I would like to ask why is doing that?

The robot is not mine, i found it in this site

Thanks to all who reply.Any opinion is accepted.

Just a quick look at the project from the link you provided... L9 is tied to Digital Pin 9 which is then tied to motor 1.

Just a shot in the dark here but I have found that leds tied to pwm pins AND motor controllers give false LOW signals. I would move the wire from pin9 to pin10 both physically and in your code. Aslo, be sure to update the firmware of that shield. Alot of glitches were fixed in the last release.

Unfortunately, there is no knowing for sure without further testing.

I changed to pin 10 and motor 1 always spin.The firmware updated when i purchased the shield.Any idea do you have?Thank you

I put it on pin 11 and the motor 1 always spin.The other motors doesn't respond.