ps3 remote help???

Hi i am trying to use a ps3 controller through a usb cable with the arduino usb shield. i have downloaded the librarie, however i can not work out how to get it to do simple tasks like turn an led on when x is pressed. has anybody got any ideas of where i could start or even some sample code i could use to get used to the way this works. many thanks

I don't know how much help this link will be, as it's to bluetooth the board to your remote. But, who know's it might be worth a gander....

-Personally, I'm going to do this with my bot once I return from Basic.

hi thanks i have already tried using this video, i can print into the serial monitor what is happening however when i say

  if (PS3.getButtonClick(CROSS)){
    digitalWrite(led, HIGH);

the led is constantly on. even if i put an else statement in