PS3: which Arduino board to choose?

Dear Arduino community

I'm very new to the Arduino world I'm trying to find a solution for the following problem:

I'm trying to build a custom gamepad controller which gets recognized by an Android device as a PS3 gamepad controller. The idea is to wire some arcade buttons to an Arduino board. The Arduino board itself needs an USB port which I can easily connect to the micro USB port of an Android device. The Android device acts as USB host and powers the Arduino.

By using a microcontroller (Arduino?) which is programmed as a PS3 game pad, I won't have any problems to make Android to detect it and handle the input of some wired arcade buttons.

I already created a working solution for that by using a Kadevice 1 which I can easily program to a PS3 game pad and which also offers a USB port type A. I connect the Kadevice via USB OTG cable to an Android USB host phone. The Kadevice also offers screw terminals for easy wiring of the arcade buttons. Workes like a charm!

The disadvantage of the Kadevice solution is, that the Kadevice has a price tag of 31$. I have seen an Arduino Pro Mini with a price tag of 9.95$ ( which is also a bit smaller than the Kadevice. But it offers no convenient USB port. The Kadevice's price is okay for such a great product but I need to mass produce these game pads and so I'm wondering if there's a cheaper alternative to the Kadevice like an Arduino board.

Do you think Arduino is the right solution for my project? If so, which Arduino would you propose?

Hope I could explain in a coherent way what I'm trying to do. Otherwise please ask if me if you need further details, thanks :)

Thanks for your suggestions! chucky80


Pro mini alone does not support USB connection (unless V-USB). Arduino Micro (uses same Atmega32U same with KADE) has built-in USB communication. If you are going to mass produce what you want, you can choose other AVR MCUs like ones that KADE uses. If you want to prototype you can burn unojoy's firmware to your UNO.