PS4 controller + bluetooth dongle +arduino host shield = confusion

It might be because it's still new but I'm having a hell of a time figuring out how to get these three to be friends.

I have a medium level of knowledge in coding and arduino hardware, so I might be just missing something obvious as well. Regardless I have looked for info and found nothing useful so far. Some people have said that pairing the dongle and controller is the same as with the PS3 but everything else points to it not being the same.

Either way. I have the uno, host shield, 4.0 dongle, and controller all verified in good working order.

Question is, how do I pair the dongle?

PS3 has a code for the arduino and all that, but the PS4 is looking like that step is embedded in the final code with a library or whatnot.

Any advice would be appreciated

I think is a very useful link, check it out

thank you, i found the answer to that question and now im stuck with another one. im going to start another thread about it because it will hopefully become a long conversation with a conclusion at the end