Pseudo data glove

I had this bizarre idea about making a glove that could not only take hand gesture inputs like a normal data glove but could be capable of a number of other applications. I decided to post the project concept here because I have a lot of ideas and figured that this forum could help me choose what to include and what to leave out.

  • Temperature sensing
    Using a thermocouple attached to one of the more armored fingers on the glove could allow me to get a temperature readout of things that are way too hot to directly touch.

  • Programmable hand gesture sensing
    There's a video on YouTube by Zach Freedman where he explains how he got a huge statement table as well as a neural network running on a Teensy. How he did this is pretty complicated, but the end result was for a data glove (a more traditional one). Instead of using a full AI system on an MCU, I figured I could use a lot of if(){ events on an Arduino to trigger basic actions on the glove and other devices with hand gestures, which would be sensed using either hall effect sensors and magnets or with two metal contacts.

  • Voltmeter/battery tester
    Testing if a battery is dead is a pain, and a lot of the time you have to either drop the battery (AA/AAA) or shock yourself (9V, coin-cell). So why not include a voltmeter with detachable probes for testing batteries at combat robot events and while I'm building stuff?

  • Power bank
    Because plugging your phone into your own wrist is cool.

  • Linux
    I have this spare Pi 0 W... Theoretically I could pair it with a TFT display and make a literal Linux arm-mounted (and ARM-powered) computer. Powered by that wrist-mounted power bank.

  • Data display
    A tiny display on my wrist that tells me the temperature in C (maybe also the temperature from the temp probe idea), pressure in PSI, humidity in %, as well as my pulse (can you sense that?). It would also be in charge of the voltmeter that I might add and some stats on the Pi.

Any other ideas could be cool. I picked these because I think they go together, aren't too expensive, and won't impair my movement.

This is one of those posts where I have concept that I may or may not build, and I'm mostly putting it out there asking what other people would integrate, because my creativity is limited.



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