Pseudocode code rather than Arduino code for programing

Hello there fellow Makers i've been learning C++ for a couple of weeks and learning thru Android Mobile apps such as SoloLearn for awhile and i do understand when i read a program code written in Arduino using C lingo style syntax but not a 100% but i'm able to read and understand what the code means.

Now based on what i have said so far i feel that the lingo of coding is not a problem i feel that the difficulties comes from the example codes that were made for any peripheral/ Device such as Sensors BT/WiFi modules and any kind of motors really, So i was thinking i really like the whole idea of using Pseudocode to write my Program/Algorithms/Code for my project "tho i have not done any yet" (its a feeling) So my question is can this be done? can we use Pseudo code to write a program then have the MCU "arduino avr based run/execute those instructions/program written in Pseudocode ?

No. Pseudocode is good for figuring out your algorithm and program structure, but when you want to actually run something on the Arduino, you’re going to have to translate it into C/C++.