PSTN alarm panel and Arduino GSM connection TX or RX ?

Hi, I want to integrate GSM module to my PSTN alarm panel, is it possible to integrate both of them? The selling guy said I need RX and/or TX socket over my alarm panel but , I dont know if I have? Can you look at it and tell me? Thanks

My alarm panel is:

and the device is

Your panel has connection for an analogue phone line (T & R stand for tip and ring, the 'old' names for the connections to a phone line). This is completely different to the digital serial connection expected by your GSM module, and not directly connectable.

You may be able to use an Arduino to sense a voltage from the alarm bell out putand then send a message using the GSM, but this isnt straightforward stuff - GSM modules are notoriously difficult things to connect up.

=( , Thanks for your reply, it means alarm bell 12V signal can trigger the gsm module?

It means the 12v alarm could be wired to an LED, which could then safely be connected to an opto isolated input on the Arduino, which could then run code to send the necessary commands to the GSM module. Key here is a nice simple opto isolator circuit (I dont have one but Google should help), and then the GSM code (from an example with the module possibly?)