pt100 4 wire

if any one know how to connect an arduino with pt100 4 wire tell me
Thanks in advance :smiley:

do you have a link to the device (shop / manufacturer)?

no i don't have

Where did you get the PT100?
Is there a number or text on it?

it from weather station this is the web site: Cimel Electronique - Explore the climate

So you had a link ....

And it has a number CES185

And on that website there is a support page

Contact CIMEL Electronique
172 rue de Charonne 75011 PARIS
Tel: (+33) 143 487 933 - Fax: (+33) 143 486 261
E-mail :

please try to mail them

(could you really not find this?)

Did you google "PT100 4 wire connector" images yet?

a big number of drawings are shown, possibly one matches the device you have

i will try it thanks
yes all the circuits are for 3 or 2 wire