PT100 probe on Arduino

Hey guys

I'm trying to use a PT100 probe on a Arduino and log it via the serial port, now the logging part is not the problem but the 100 - 130 ohm from 0 - 100 deg. C is.

Is there any of you that have tried PT100 on a Arduino board?

Been looking at the Wheatstone bridge to see if I could sort it out the old and easy way but not sure I get the linearity I hoped for.

You might ask why use PT100 and the simple reason is linearity, and rough environment.

I'll take all ideas with open arms


Well there are special function interface chips to process a RTD, here is one example:

To roll your own or gain insite to all the issues involved with processing a RTD temperature measurement:

We used RTDs a lot at the refinery I worked for and found them to be very reliable and accurate sensors, much more stable then thermocouples but they do cost more per measurement point.